The MAC-Frame is the main input on a 802.11 Protocol Analysis, read and interpret properly the information within a MPDU = MAC Header + MSDU = MAC Frame
Listen Interval indicates how long the station will be "sleeping" without listen to any Beacon transmitted by the AP's when the station enter in power save mode, those beacons includes the DTIM information. The relevant point here is that if we don't tuned properly these 2 attributes it could happen that when the AP transmit the DTIM letting the Station know that is some information in the buffers to be transmitted the Station could be not listening because the Listen Interval is so high for instance.
By default the awesome WLANPI allow us to capture 802.11 frames using one WiFi dongle working […]
802.11v allow the AP's to suggest the clients to roam to a specific AP or give a list of preferred AP's to roam. At the end the client decide when to Roam and where to roam.
802.11 packet capture can give you almost any information from the AP's side, the clients side, the RF side. Learn how to check the Maximum Transmit Power using a 802.11 packet capture
Every 802.11 communication flows form one layer to another, understand how the Layer 1 and 2 within the 802.11 standard works is critical to any WIFI professional
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