6Ghz – Rules of Operation in the Unlicensed Spectrum

The 6 GHz band (5.925 – 7.125 GHz) is host to incumbent services operating on a primary basis. These services include fixed point-to-point, fixed satellite service (FSS), broadcast auxiliary service (BAC), and cable television relay service (CARS) as shown below:

U-NII BandFrequency Range (Ghz)UsageIncumbent Services
U-NII 55.925-6.425FixedFixed Satellite Services (earth to space)
Fixed Microwave
U-NII 66.425-6.525MobileFixed Satellite Services (earth to space)
Broadcast Auxiliary Service Cable Television Relay
U-NII 76.525-6.875FixedFixed Microwave
Fixed Satellite Services (earth to space)
U-NII 86.875-7.125Fixed & MobileBroadcast Auxiliary Service
Fixed Microwave
Cable Television Relay Service
Fixed Satellite Services (earth to space and space
to earth)
Source: Litepoint

Therefore to avoid any interference with the incumbents licensed services that are currently using this frequency the IEEE has established some rules of operation as shown below

6Ghz Rules of Operation for the unlicensed services (WIFI 6E)

Mhz available per Frequency

FrequencyMhz available
The 6Ghz band brings more RF Spectrum

Channels per Frequency in the US

Channel Width2.4Ghz5Ghz6Ghz
6Ghz frequency
Unlicensed 6Ghz – U-NII5-8
Source: wirelesslanprofessionals

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